Distribution agent anti-adhesive ACMOS 100-81S for edge facing equipment

A release agent to combat phenolic resin and adhesives on edge banding and other gluing machines. Intended for use on edge-banding machines and other gluing machines to prevent the adherence of phenolic resin adhesives to coasting rollers, conveyor belts, etc. Effective on metal, wood, rubber and plastic.

ACMOS 100-81S forms a soft, plastic film, which can be removed with any commercially available solvent.

ACMOS 100-81S Features:

  • Release agent for melt adhesives on edge banders
  • Release agent for phenolic and similar resins that are used while fluid
  • Prevents adhesion of holt-melt adhesive residues on surfaces of materials and equipment
  • Protects pressure rollers, conveyor belts, and plastic surfaces against hot-melt adhesives
  • Works with metal, wood, rubber and plastic materials
  • Solvent based formulation
  • Silicone-free, can be further diluted with waterDistribution agent anti-adhesive ACMOS 100-81S for edge facing equipment