Chem Trend is a global manufacturer that develops and manufactures exclusively specialty innovative chemical products for use in injection molding, tire manufacturing, rubber manufacturing, polyurethanes, thermoplastics and corrosion products.

 The company produces various lubricants:

  • preservation liquids – used for preserving equipment and maintaining it in working condition. Anti-corrosion properties provide long-term protection against the premature appearance of rust on the equipment. These lubricating fluids must perform the following functions: reliably protect the surface of metal parts from the effects of water, chlorine compounds and have antioxidant properties;
  • cleaning of forms – guarantees a long service life of expensive forms. Cleaning agents remove plastic residues from surfaces and deep recesses of molds.
  • distribution lubricants for molds (plastic production) – high-quality anti-adhesives used for injection molding. Lubricants ensure trouble-free injection molding, saving time and shortening cycle times. The use of lubricant reduces the number of marriages; reduces the number of equipment downtimes; preservation of the purity of the pouring form;
  • lubricants for cleaning the auger – a reduction in the period of downtime of production facilities is applied when the raw material or color is changed. Deposits of carbon compounds in screws negatively affect the quality and operational capabilities of industrial equipment. The constant use of cleaning agents contributes to the smooth operation of the equipment and the reduction of production marriage, which ensures a reduction in financial costs.

Lubricants have the following features:

  • prevention of chemical interaction of contaminants with metal mechanisms;
  • safe use in all elements of the installation, which is used for other parts, except for screws;
  • versatility of the tool – it is used for various equipment;
  • complete cleaning – during the cleaning cycle, complete removal of impurities is carried out. There is no residual sediment on the surface of the mechanism parts.



Auxiliary means for processing thermoplastics
Auxiliary means for casting aluminum under pressure
Auxiliary means for the formation of polyurethane
Auxiliary means for forming composites