One of the recognized leaders of the lubricants market is the German brand Kluber Lubrication. It produces specialized compounds needed in various industrial fields and countries of the world, including Ukraine. Today, the consumers of brand lubricants are representatives of the metallurgical, machine-building, food, pharmaceutical, glass industries and more.

  • more than 85 years of experience in the field of production of oils and lubricants. The company was founded in Munich in 1929;
  • guarantee of high quality, safety and performance of the declared functions. This is confirmed by certificates from independent institutions, including ISO 9001, ISO 21469, OHSAS 18001, NSF H1 approval, as well as recommendations from equipment manufacturers. Plus, the basis of the products are mainly ecological, natural oils, such as Klüberbio LG 39-700;
  • a wide range of products. More than 2,000 names of lubricants, including adhesive, low- and high-temperature, all-season, compressor and other compositions;
  • ongoing research work. The company employs 150 development engineers and other technical specialists who are engaged in the improvement, modernization of existing and creation of new lubricants.

Founded by Theodore Kluber, the company has come a long way in its 85 years of existence. At first, it was engaged in the trade of petroleum oils. In the middle of the last century, it began to create its lubricant compositions, later opened representative offices in various parts of the world, including the USA, Japan, European countries, and Brazil. All this only confirms that Kluber is always among the best global manufacturers and suppliers of lubricants.



Overview of directions for use of lubricants Kluber Lubricants

The range of Kluber products includes more than 2,000 items, which provides a wide range of applications. So, oils and lubricants of the German manufacturer are used in such areas as:

  • food industry (ensuring product safety upon contact);
  • pharmaceutical industry (in the production of medicines);
  • construction industry (for the production of cement, glass, etc.);
  • marine industry and wind energy (applied with equipment subject to extreme loads);
  • railways (lubricating rails to increase stability and reduce track wear);
  • mechanical engineering and metallurgy;
  • production of clothing and textiles, rubber and plastics;
  • cellulose, paper, woodworking sphere;
  • oil and gas, mining and chemical industry. 

Kluber lubricants are used in various equipment, mechanisms and assemblies. Example:

  • high-speed mechanisms – bearings, generators, fans (Kluber Isoflex is used for this);
  • chain mechanisms, reducers, pneumatic cylinders (Klueberfluid is used, and Kluberoil is used in the food industry);
  • rolling bearings, annealing furnaces and other high-temperature lubrication points (Kluber Grease is used);
  • needles, discs, cylinders, etc. (Klüber Silvertex is suitable);
  • reducers, hinges, conveyors, spindles (Kluberbio oil);
  • sliding bearings in stamping presses (Kluberlub warehouses).

Advantages over other global brands:

  • Increased resistance to wear and corrosion processes.
  • Balanced composition, stable in various environments and even in aggressive ones.
  • A dense influence on the lubrication points – working units and mechanisms, due to which labor productivity increases, operating costs for maintaining the efficiency of equipment are reduced.
  • Quality control and improvement of existing warehouses. The German manufacturer not only carefully selects raw materials, focusing on natural oils, but also constantly conducts research to improve existing lubricants and provide them with better operational properties.